What is School Community Council?

The School LAND Trust Program, established by the Legislature in 1999, distributes the “annual dividend” from the permanent State School Fund through school districts and charter schools for all public schools in the state. Elected parents, elected teachers, and the school’s principal serve on a School Community Council. Parent participation on school community councils is important. Councils prepare, adopt, and implement education plans at their school to address the school’s greets academic need(s).

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Teacher & Student Success Act (TSSA)

Bonneville Elementary School participates in Alpine District’s Teacher & Student Success (TSSA) plan. “Read More Here
Bonneville was directly allocated $9720 and was budgeted to use accordingly:
December 12, 2019 – School allocation Budget
Professional Development 2093
Chairs 2200
Student Incentives 500
Technology 4600
Teacher Professional Development Reading Book 327

Community Council Members

 Community Council Chair (Parent Member) – Christal Lunt

[email protected] /(801) 781-9794

 Vice Chair (Parent Member) – Jenny Yancey

[email protected] /(801) 885-9558

 Parent Member

@gmail.com / 801-

 Parent Member

@gmail.com / 801-

School Member – Principal Shawn Brooks

[email protected] / (801)-610-8101

School Member – Cindy Golding

[email protected] / 801-610-8101

School Member 

@alpinedistrict.org / 801-610-8101