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Principal’s Message

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Our Bonneville Elementary Stakeholder’s report is now available.  A copy will be coming home with your student, or you may review it online below.

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i-Ready Program Grant

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Our school is very excited to have received a grant from the Utah STEM Action Center to use a digital mathematics technology product called iReady for two years for all of our students. Your student will receive a userID so that they can have the opportunity to use this product to support their learning of mathematics at school and at home. Data is being collected to assess and study how well students are improving in mathematics. A letter of information that explains this in more detail will be coming home this week. Please sign and return this form only if you are NOT willing to have your child’s data included in the assessment of the product. We appreciate being given the grant to use this product with our students and are participating in the data collection so that that the Utah State Office of Education and the STEM Action Center can understand the effectiveness of this program.  For more information about the program, you can visit [fancy_link link=”” variation=”blue”]i-Ready tour[/fancy_link]

Sage Test Results

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Please read the letter below for important information about the Sage test results.

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Questions and Answers about Title 1

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At this time I would like to answer again some of the questions that have been asked about the federal funding we receive and how the funds are to be used.  Please read the letter below to understand more about Title 1 funds and how our school will benefit.

[fancy_link link=””]Read more about Title 1[/fancy_link] [pdf_viewer link=””]



Principal’s Message: Effective Homework Help

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Student with parents who are involved in their education are more likely to earn higher grades, adapt well to school, and pass their classes. But is there a point when parents can be too involved – specifically with homework?  Read the following “Report to Parents” to find out…

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Welcome Back

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We are so excited to begin a new school year.  Don’t miss Back to School Night on August 18th from 5:00-7:00pm.  Please join us in the Cafeteria to begin the evening.  School begins on Tuesday, August 19th for Grades 1-6.  Kindergarten Back to School night is August 25th from 5:00-7:00pm, and the first day of Kindergarten in Tuesday, August 26th.

Planning for 2014-15 School Year

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Please help us here at Bonneville plan for the up-coming school year by letting us know what your plans are.  At Bonneville, we strive to balance our class sizes and demographics to get the bet possible combination for all students.  Projecting our enrollment numbers will also help us more accurately plan staffing needs.

A yellow form came home this week.  Please fill it out and return it to the office.  If you lost it, additional copies are available at the office.

If you or any of your neighbors have a child who will be of kindergarten age next year, please make sure they are registered ASAP in the front office.


By Principal's Message

December 9, 2013

Dear Bonneville Parents,

As a school, we have had some concerns with the number of students coming to school late, leaving early, or leaving in the middle of the school day.   As you may already know, the teachers have a new and challenging curriculum to teach students this year and there is increased accountability placed on them to prepare students for the new state testing this spring.  We understand that there may be an occasional dental or doctor’s appointment that needs to be made during the school day.  However, we would appreciate your help in reducing the number of absences from class.  Please help us to prepare your student by making sure your child is here at school everyday, the entire day.

Attendance is critical to student success and graduation achievement.  One study completed by the University of Chicago (2010), indicated that students who miss 0-4 days of school have an 87% chance of graduating on time from high school.  Students who missed 5-9 days of school have an on time graduation rate of 63%.  Students who are chronically absent (more than 9 times per year) have less than a 41% chance of on time graduation!  It is important to recognize that the habits of attendance formed early in elementary school are very often continued through Jr. High and High School.  We want to curb any attendance habits early that can limit the future life opportunities for students.

Additionally, checking a student out of class once the class has started is not only disruptive to your child’s learning, but also interrupts the learning of the entire class.  Please do not take your student out of class unless there is no other option.

Bonneville teachers are committed to helping every child succeed with their academic studies.  We appreciate your help and support in this process and respect you (the parent) as our partner in helping your child to succeed.  By helping children to be in school and limiting the time that they miss from instruction, we can have a real impact on student growth this year and their future.

Thank you for your support.  We have a great school and very supportive parents that help us to accomplish great things.


Shawn Signature

Principal, Bonneville Elementary

School Report

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shutterstock_I love educationBonneville’s REPORT CARD    –    September 3, 2013

Bonneville is a great place to be.  We have outstanding teachers, students and parents.  Today the grade of each school in the state was reported publicly.  I want to give you some information to help you understand the grading system.

We get points for Achievement and for Growth.  Achievement is based on number of students that are proficient on the State Tests.  Growth is based on improved scores within a statewide cohort of scores calculated over time. It is a complex calculation.

We scored 236/300 in Achievement Points.  This is 79%. This is good, but we will continue to improve this score. We scored 187/300 in Growth Points.  This is 62%.  We need to work on this! Our combined score or “School Performance” score was 425/600.  This is 71%.  In Alpine School District 11 elementary schools were graded A, 48 schools were graded B, 16 schools were graded C or below.  Bonneville was given the grade of “B”.

What are our plans for improvement and to AIM HIGHER?  We are focusing on the three A’s: Achievement, Attendance and Attachment.


This year we are implementing “Step Up” Time.  “Step Up” Time will be an improvement to last year’s “Flex Time”.  “Step-Up” time is solely academic improvement time and will help students to focus on their academic needs. For 30 minutes four days a week, students will be moved to smaller groups with extra help for re-teaching, reviewing or reinforcing key concepts in our core curriculum.  This will happen during school time.  It is funded with our Fun Run Fundraiser and District Double Dosing matching money.  During “Step Up” Time, students that have mastered the key concepts will be taught academic extensions and more advanced concepts.

We will still have extra reading tutoring that will go beyond the “Step Up “ Time.  Weekly, during Monday Teacher Collaboration, teachers will be reviewing the progress of each student and making a plan to meet their individual needs. We will also have our wonderful Americorp. tutors from our neighborhood volunteers that will continue to help students that require additional support with reading skills.

Finally, we have a new English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, Mrs. Clement, that will be working with our second language learners and assisting them with the skills that they need to have success at school and in life.


In an effort to improve student’s academic achievement, the school is working to motivate students to be at school and on time everyday.  You may have noticed posters by each classroom entitled, “Supersonic Club”.  All classrooms are in competition to be at school on time everyday.  Classes that can show 80%-100% attendance during each trimester will receive a class party.  Additionally, classroom chairs are numbered and during morning announcements, numbers are called to reward, with a prize, students that are in their seats and on time to school.  This incentive program is one of Bonneville’s interventions to help students want to be at school and ready to learn everyday.


At Bonneville, we are encouraging attachment for each child by providing consistent support and care.  Every child needs to feel safe, to be loved, to be respected, and to be given a sense of belonging to a class and a school culture that enriches their growing experience.  All of the adults in the building are here to support every child and we have created different experiences that help children to develop their talents and areas of interest.

Bonneville continues to have many opportunities as part of “BONNEVILLE’S- EDUCATION ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES.”  We believe that opportunities in art, P.E. and technology also increase brainpower and this leads to expanded skills in the academic subjects.  Some of our “BONNEVILLE – EDUCATION ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITY programs include “Drums Alive” with Mrs. Childs (NEW), School Choir, Battle of the Books (NEW), Keyboarding (NEW), Student Council, the Science Fair, the Annual Art Show, Hope of America, American Citizenship Awards, and the Great Brain Challenge just to name a few.  These opportunities will be happening this year and we encourage all students to become involved.  Of course, we want to expand to have more opportunities for students, if we can get some business partners through our PTA. Watch for more information coming on this later.

I love Bonneville and appreciate everyone that supports us.  Students are taught, at Bonneville, with love by our wonderful teachers. Thank you for your help and support as we go forward to “Aim Higher” this year.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns,

Sincerely, Shawn Brooks

[email protected]

Principal’s Message – Welcome Back to School 2013

By Principal's Message

July 29, 2013

 Dear Bonneville Families,


I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer break—filled with whatever you and your family need to refresh, restore, and relax during these beautiful summer days.  Although the start of school is still a couple of weeks off, this letter will give you a few things to think about before we get together again in August.


As we begin another school year at Bonneville, there are many things to make you aware of so that you will be able to support your child’s education.  I encourage you and your family to start the year off right by calendaring the following important dates.

  • Bonneville’s (Grades 1-6) “Back to School” night   Monday, August 19, 2013 (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.)
  • First Day of School (Grades 1-6) Tuesday, August 20, 2013 (Early Birds-8:00; Later Gators- 9:15)
  • Kindergarten Testing/Class Placement   August 19-22, 2013
  •   (*Please call the school to set up a Kindergarten testing appointment with the school secretary.)
  • Kindergarten “Back to School” night August 26th, 2013 (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.)
  • First Day of Kindergarten Tuesday, August 27, 2013
  • Labor Day Holiday  Monday, Sept. 2, 2013

Early Out Mondays and Professional Development Days:  Every Monday is an early out day at Bonneville.  Students are released at 1:15 p.m. (early birds) and 2:30 p.m. (later gators), respectively.  Early out Mondays are set aside to provide professional collaboration time for teachers. The Alpine School District has also provided teachers and staff professional development days during the year called, “Professional Development Days (P.D. day)”.  On a P.D. day, your child will not come to school, but teachers will be at school receiving professional development.  Please mark the following  two P.D. days on your calendar: October 14th and March 10th.

Attendance:  One of the challenges that Bonneville has faced the last couple of years has to do with attendance and excessive tardies. Regular attendance is essential for student learning and progress.  Please coordinate your family vacations when school is not in session (*see school calendar attached).  Students lose out on critical instruction when they are absent or are not in school for the entire day. Therefore, late arrivals and early dismissals are highly discouraged.  We request that medical and dental appointments be scheduled after school hours, if at all possible.  If students are ill and unable to attend school, please notify our office the morning of the absence.

P.T.A.:  We have a very dedicated and enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association that goes above and beyond to support our educational programs and enhance student education.  Mrs. Sarah Huffaker is the PTA president for this school year and will be encouraging your participation as a P.T.A member.  There will be information available at the “Back To School” night on ways you can help serve the students at Bonneville Elementary.

Student Nutrition:  School lunch cost is $1.75 for elementary students.  Reduced price is $.40.  Adult/Visitors will pay $1.50 for breakfast and $2.75 for lunch. Breakfast for a student is $ .85 and reduced price is $.30.  Milk is $.30.  Lunch balances must be kept current.  Students are only allowed to charge one lunch or breakfast.  You will be able to pay for lunches at the Bonneville “Back to School” night on Monday, August 19, 2013 (5-7 p.m.).  Please make checks payable to Alpine School Lunch.

Online Meal Payment Service

Have you ever wondered how much money is left in your child’s lunch account or want to make a payment to the account, but not have time to go down to the school. Alpine School District has a meal pay service that allows you to check on your child’s account and make online payments right from your home computer.  The service is called “My Payments Plus” and it is an online service open to parents 24/7.  Simply go online to the Alpine School District website, click on the drop down menu under the “Departments” heading, click “Nutritional Services” and look under “Nutritional Resources” to click “Online Meal Payments (No Service Fees), then register for a free account with “My Payment Plus”.  It’s fast and convenient.  It will provide you with confidence that your child has lunch money everyday.  We encourage parents to go online and use this helpful service.

Free and Reduced Lunch Packet Materials

 We are especially encouraging all Bonneville Elementary families to submit a confidential application for free and reduced price meals for the 2013 – 2014 school year.  If enough families are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch, Bonneville Elementary may receive additional Federal funding to help support student achievement.  This additional funding may be available whether or not your child chooses to use the free or reduced price meal benefits, but in order for us to receive the funding, your completed form must be returned.

This year the district is asking that parents go online and fill out the Free and Reduced Meal application. To access all of the forms, please go online to  The online application is a paperless option that allows parents to complete the form and submit online.  Parents can even print a copy of the application for their records. Remember, submitting an application is strictly confidential.  If you would rather fill out a paper copy, you can come to the school’s office and ask for a paper copy. Thank you for your help.

Parking Lot Safety:  Student safety is a high priority at Bonneville Elementary.  To further ensure safety, the driveway on the south side parking lot has been divided into two lanes (*recently re-striped).  The lane closest to the school will be used for a student pick up and drop off lane all the way down the parking lot.  This longer drop off lane is new this year. Please pull all the way forward in this lane before stopping to drop off or pick up your child. By pulling forward, you help the flow of traffic and allow other parents from the street to be able to pull in for the picking up or dropping off of students.

Kindergarten teachers have been instructed to walk their class down the sidewalk to help children to get into their cars from the sidewalk.  This will allow for parents, in the long pick up lane, to wait in their cars for their children and it will be much safer than having students enter the parking lot where it can be unsafe.

The lane closest to the street and between the parking stalls and drop off/pick up lane will be a “ drive through” lane only.  You can drive through the parking lot in this lane to locate a parking stall or to travel to the church parking lot to park, should parking not be available in the school’s parking lot.  This is also the lane used to pull out of the drop off/ pick up lane when you are ready to exit from the drop off/ pick up lane.

Please avoid leaving your car parked and unattended in either lane to help keep traffic flowing smoothly and alleviating the possibility of students becoming hurt or injured.  If you need to speak with a teacher or have other school business, please park in the parking stalls and come into the school.

**Please drive slow and proceed with caution through the school parking lot at all times.  Thank you.


In an effort to conserve paper, the Bonneville Elementary school website will keep up to date announcements, letters home, student handbook information, a school calendar, and other tools to assist parents and students with keeping current this school year.

Please note that Bonneville Elementary will not be sending home student handbooks as they have in past years.  Instead, parents and students are encouraged to go online to the Alpine School District webpage, click  “Schools”, click “Elementary Schools”, and then click “Bonneville Elementary” to access the school’s website.  On our school webpage you will be able to read with your child all about each school policy and other important information at your convenience.  If ever you have a questions about the website, please call the school.  We are happy to help.

Well, this is just a little information to get you up and going before the school year starts.  Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer break.  Be good to yourself and your family.  I will see you and your student on August 19th for “Back to School” night.  I look forward to another great year at Bonneville and working with you to help your child have a successful year at school.


Shawn Brooks, Principal

Bonneville Elementary