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Principal’s Message – Welcome Back to School 2013

By Principal's Message

July 29, 2013

 Dear Bonneville Families,


I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer break—filled with whatever you and your family need to refresh, restore, and relax during these beautiful summer days.  Although the start of school is still a couple of weeks off, this letter will give you a few things to think about before we get together again in August.


As we begin another school year at Bonneville, there are many things to make you aware of so that you will be able to support your child’s education.  I encourage you and your family to start the year off right by calendaring the following important dates.

  • Bonneville’s (Grades 1-6) “Back to School” night   Monday, August 19, 2013 (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.)
  • First Day of School (Grades 1-6) Tuesday, August 20, 2013 (Early Birds-8:00; Later Gators- 9:15)
  • Kindergarten Testing/Class Placement   August 19-22, 2013
  •   (*Please call the school to set up a Kindergarten testing appointment with the school secretary.)
  • Kindergarten “Back to School” night August 26th, 2013 (5:00 – 7:00 p.m.)
  • First Day of Kindergarten Tuesday, August 27, 2013
  • Labor Day Holiday  Monday, Sept. 2, 2013

Early Out Mondays and Professional Development Days:  Every Monday is an early out day at Bonneville.  Students are released at 1:15 p.m. (early birds) and 2:30 p.m. (later gators), respectively.  Early out Mondays are set aside to provide professional collaboration time for teachers. The Alpine School District has also provided teachers and staff professional development days during the year called, “Professional Development Days (P.D. day)”.  On a P.D. day, your child will not come to school, but teachers will be at school receiving professional development.  Please mark the following  two P.D. days on your calendar: October 14th and March 10th.

Attendance:  One of the challenges that Bonneville has faced the last couple of years has to do with attendance and excessive tardies. Regular attendance is essential for student learning and progress.  Please coordinate your family vacations when school is not in session (*see school calendar attached).  Students lose out on critical instruction when they are absent or are not in school for the entire day. Therefore, late arrivals and early dismissals are highly discouraged.  We request that medical and dental appointments be scheduled after school hours, if at all possible.  If students are ill and unable to attend school, please notify our office the morning of the absence.

P.T.A.:  We have a very dedicated and enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association that goes above and beyond to support our educational programs and enhance student education.  Mrs. Sarah Huffaker is the PTA president for this school year and will be encouraging your participation as a P.T.A member.  There will be information available at the “Back To School” night on ways you can help serve the students at Bonneville Elementary.

Student Nutrition:  School lunch cost is $1.75 for elementary students.  Reduced price is $.40.  Adult/Visitors will pay $1.50 for breakfast and $2.75 for lunch. Breakfast for a student is $ .85 and reduced price is $.30.  Milk is $.30.  Lunch balances must be kept current.  Students are only allowed to charge one lunch or breakfast.  You will be able to pay for lunches at the Bonneville “Back to School” night on Monday, August 19, 2013 (5-7 p.m.).  Please make checks payable to Alpine School Lunch.

Online Meal Payment Service

Have you ever wondered how much money is left in your child’s lunch account or want to make a payment to the account, but not have time to go down to the school. Alpine School District has a meal pay service that allows you to check on your child’s account and make online payments right from your home computer.  The service is called “My Payments Plus” and it is an online service open to parents 24/7.  Simply go online to the Alpine School District website, click on the drop down menu under the “Departments” heading, click “Nutritional Services” and look under “Nutritional Resources” to click “Online Meal Payments (No Service Fees), then register for a free account with “My Payment Plus”.  It’s fast and convenient.  It will provide you with confidence that your child has lunch money everyday.  We encourage parents to go online and use this helpful service.

Free and Reduced Lunch Packet Materials

 We are especially encouraging all Bonneville Elementary families to submit a confidential application for free and reduced price meals for the 2013 – 2014 school year.  If enough families are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch, Bonneville Elementary may receive additional Federal funding to help support student achievement.  This additional funding may be available whether or not your child chooses to use the free or reduced price meal benefits, but in order for us to receive the funding, your completed form must be returned.

This year the district is asking that parents go online and fill out the Free and Reduced Meal application. To access all of the forms, please go online to  The online application is a paperless option that allows parents to complete the form and submit online.  Parents can even print a copy of the application for their records. Remember, submitting an application is strictly confidential.  If you would rather fill out a paper copy, you can come to the school’s office and ask for a paper copy. Thank you for your help.

Parking Lot Safety:  Student safety is a high priority at Bonneville Elementary.  To further ensure safety, the driveway on the south side parking lot has been divided into two lanes (*recently re-striped).  The lane closest to the school will be used for a student pick up and drop off lane all the way down the parking lot.  This longer drop off lane is new this year. Please pull all the way forward in this lane before stopping to drop off or pick up your child. By pulling forward, you help the flow of traffic and allow other parents from the street to be able to pull in for the picking up or dropping off of students.

Kindergarten teachers have been instructed to walk their class down the sidewalk to help children to get into their cars from the sidewalk.  This will allow for parents, in the long pick up lane, to wait in their cars for their children and it will be much safer than having students enter the parking lot where it can be unsafe.

The lane closest to the street and between the parking stalls and drop off/pick up lane will be a “ drive through” lane only.  You can drive through the parking lot in this lane to locate a parking stall or to travel to the church parking lot to park, should parking not be available in the school’s parking lot.  This is also the lane used to pull out of the drop off/ pick up lane when you are ready to exit from the drop off/ pick up lane.

Please avoid leaving your car parked and unattended in either lane to help keep traffic flowing smoothly and alleviating the possibility of students becoming hurt or injured.  If you need to speak with a teacher or have other school business, please park in the parking stalls and come into the school.

**Please drive slow and proceed with caution through the school parking lot at all times.  Thank you.


In an effort to conserve paper, the Bonneville Elementary school website will keep up to date announcements, letters home, student handbook information, a school calendar, and other tools to assist parents and students with keeping current this school year.

Please note that Bonneville Elementary will not be sending home student handbooks as they have in past years.  Instead, parents and students are encouraged to go online to the Alpine School District webpage, click  “Schools”, click “Elementary Schools”, and then click “Bonneville Elementary” to access the school’s website.  On our school webpage you will be able to read with your child all about each school policy and other important information at your convenience.  If ever you have a questions about the website, please call the school.  We are happy to help.

Well, this is just a little information to get you up and going before the school year starts.  Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer break.  Be good to yourself and your family.  I will see you and your student on August 19th for “Back to School” night.  I look forward to another great year at Bonneville and working with you to help your child have a successful year at school.


Shawn Brooks, Principal

Bonneville Elementary

Grant Award!

By Announcements

imageMs. Richards, one of our 5th grade teachers, is the teacher of the year at Bonneville and won a $2000 grant from CenturyLink this morning. It is a technology grant for Chrome Books for her classroom. Congratulations, Ms. Richards!

May 2013

By Principal's Message

Dear Bonneville Families:

Another wonderful school year has come and gone. Our theme this year was, “Pulling Together!” The students and teachers took hold of this theme and made great efforts to help Bonneville Elementary pull to a new level of success. Students earned “road to Success” reading parties and a Channel 5 assembly with Nadine Wimmer for their exceptional reading minutes with Americorp’s STARS reading program. The students also made great growth with Bonneville’s FLEX program. The FLEX program helped the confidence of every child in the building to grow because of the extra support that was given in a timely manner.

It is also notable that students at Bonneville have improved in every area of the curriculum with the end of level state testing. The area of math was most impressive with 80.5% attaining successful growth. Congratulations go out to students, parents, and the Bonneville teaching staff for this terrific accomplishment.

Now for a couple items that you may be wondering about as we close out this school year.

First of all, on the last day of school, May 30th, we will send promotion slips and report cards home with your student. If your student cannot attend school the last day, all materials will be saved and available for pickup at the school during the summer months. The school office will be open on Mondays from 10:00am until 12:00pm.

Finally, this year we have several Bonneville Elementary educators leaving. You need to know that Mr. Paul Porter has decided to retire from teaching after 30 years at Bonneville. Mrs. Mandi Taylor is going to North Carolina with her husband for medical school. Mrs. Heather Crisp will be leaving the computer specialty position at Bonneville to teach second grade at another school. Mrs. Cayce Thill, Mrs. Keri Beirdnea, and Mrs. Kim Court all have plans to stay home and be with their families. Mrs. James is pursuing other teaching interests and Mrs. Charlene Farnworth has decided to take a sabbatical to finish her doctorate program at B.Y.U. and will be back in a year.

It is never easy to say goodbye to great teachers. They have all contributed to the success of Bonneville Elementary and they will all be missed.

Thank you for helping make this a successful year at Bonneville. Have a great summer and we will see everyone in the fall.



April 2013

By Principal's Message No Comments

Dear Bonneville Parents,

Here we are in the month of April and although the weather is still cooler than we like; warmer weather is sure to come. With the warmer weather, students will be happy to ride bikes and scooters to school very soon. The nicer weather will also provide a welcomed opportunity to shed the coat, stocking cap, and gloves and to put on warmer weather clothing. Below is a short review of school rules regarding bikes, scooters, skateboard, roller blades, and appropriate dress for the sunny days ahead. Please review these expectations with your student(s) and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy the good weather to come!


  Children may ride bicycles and scooters to school. Bikes and scooters must be placed in the bike racks located on the west and east side of the school. The school cannot be responsible for bike security. We suggest that students lock their bikes and scooters to prevent theft. Scooters are considered the same as bicycles and must not be brought in the building. Bikes and scooters are NOT to be ridden on school grounds before, during, or right after school. Skateboards and roller blades are not allowed at school.


     Children should arrive at school appropriately dressed for the weather of the day. All healthy children are expected to go outside for recess except when weather conditions are extreme. If you desire that your child be allowed to stay inside at recess due to illness, please inform the teacher of your request in a note.

Alpine School District Dress Guidelines:

  1. All children should dress modestly, and appropriate for the weather.
  2. No short-shorts or biker shorts. Knee shorts are O.K.
  3. “Grubby” clothing or clothing containing vulgarities, profanities, obscenities, or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are never acceptable. Clothing which is ragged, tattered, or deliberately distracting in appearance must be avoided.
  4. Hats or other headgear should not be worn indoors.
  5. Tank tops or bare midriff shirts or blouses are unacceptable.

Thank you for your support for the school rules. Parent support makes all of the difference.



March 2013

By Principal's Message

Student Placements 2013-2014

One of life’s challenges is learning to live with change and to develop the capacity to adjust to new situations. Parents can teach children a valuable lesson as they adjust and react in an acceptable way to new teacher assignments each school year. In fact, your child’s contact with a variety of teachers may prove to be an important life skill learned during their developing years. Remember, children are extremely resilient and have an uncanny ability to be comfortable in most classroom situations.

At Bonneville, our goal is to create academically and socially balanced classes and to avoid groupings that distract from the learning process. Research indicates that creating heterogeneous groups of students provides optimal learning opportunities for all students. Please review the following student placement timeline.

March 8th

  • A letter explaining the process of student placement for next year will be included with your student’s report card.
  • Time change request forms (Early Bird/Later Gator) will be available in the office. (*You do not need a form to stay at the same time.)
  • All time change requests must be made on a “Time Change” form.
  • Other requests for special placement must be made in a letter to the principal

March 29th

  • All student placement and time change requests are due.

April 22-26

  • Teachers will review & submit recommendations and/or concerns for student placements for next year (2013-2014).

May 1-24

  • Final adjustments to the assigned classes will be made by grade level teams and the principal.

May 30

  • Student class assignments will be sent home with each student for the 2013-2014 school year.

I hope that this will help parents understand the process of student placements at Bonneville Elementary. Please contact the front office if you have any questions regarding 2013-2014 class assignments.


February 2013

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S.E.P. Conference Days – Feb. 6 & 7

In September and February, Alpine School District specifically devotes two days for parent/teacher conferences to talk to parents about each student’s progress. Bonneville’s teachers and staff have always valued this opportunity to meet with parents/guardians of every student. It is our chance to share with you your child’s progress, the “grading” policy of the district and our staff, and to provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your child’s school experience.

We ask that you please make every effort to attend S.E.P. conferences, as we believe that it is important to keep the lines of
communication continually open. Online sign-up information recently came home for parents to go online and schedule a time to attend conferences. If you haven’t seen this note or have questions about scheduling an appointment, don’t hesitate to call the front office at 801-610-8101.

After your S.E.P. conference appointment, feel free to roam the hallways and look at the wonderful artwork that students will have on display for parents. You may also wish to drop by the media center to purchase reading books for your student. Teachers will also have bins out that you can donate a book to your child’s classroom, if you choose.

We look forward to meeting with you and your student on the day of your scheduled appointment. Thank you for being a valuable partner in your child’s education.


January 2013

By Principal's Message

“Pulling Together” at Bonneville

During the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, an Australian rower was heavily criticized
by the media after she stopped rowing for the last 650 meters of the coxswain eight
finals race. In that same Olympics, several marathon runners dropped out of the race
without anyone really blinking an eye. Why did the media respond so differently to
the same action?… Likely because rowing is a team sport and marathon running is an
individual sport. While a marathon runner’s decision to drop out of a race does impact
his or her own personal chances at winning a medal, it does not have any influence
over the chance that teammates have to earn a medal. In contrast, this rower’s decision
to quit made it nearly impossible for her teammates to have any chance of earning a
medal. Both sets of athletes were working toward a lofty and worthy goal; however, the
team of rowers was unique in that each individual was mutually dependent on her
teammates if the goal was to be reached.

This year at Bonneville, our school theme has been, “Pulling Together”. There are
several essential members to our educational team that work together to win the race
for each student. We hope you know that you are an essential member of the team and
we value your efforts. While raising and educating a child from kindergarten through
college can sometimes feel like a marathon, it is really more similar to a team sport like
rowing. Following a few guiding principles of teamwork in this new year will help our
team continue to be successful. Great teams:

• Pull toward the same goal. Our goal at Bonneville Elementary is to ensure high levels
of well—rounded learning for every child everyday.

• Are clear about how they are going to achieve that goal. Teachers frequently
communicate learning objectives to students and parents. Teachers listen to student
and parent feedback to best meet individual needs.

• Frequently measure and communicate progress toward the goal. Teachers frequently
communicate with students and parents about student progress. Students and parents
are open with school when there is a question or concern so that the school can help
children meet their educational goals.

• Support each other when one member of the team is struggling. Teachers, parents,
and students are aware of each others’ needs and seek to support and help as needed.

I am thrilled to be part of the Bonneville Elementary team and truly feel like we are all
pulling together. If there is every anything that I can do, as part of the team, to support
you and your child, please let me know.

Let’s continue to make educating your child a team sport this year, and not an individual
marathon. Thank you for being on our team!


December 2012

By Principal's Message

Dear Bonneville Families,

Recently I was visiting family in Gunnison, Utah. While there, I noticed that my mother-in-law had a lot of yarn that she was using to crochet Christmas gifts for others.

While looking at all of this yarn, it occurred to me that a single strand of string can support a light load. It definitely has some weight limitations, but it can lift. If I wanted to use string to lift a large load, I may decide to use three separate strands which would at least triple the weight that I could lift. If I wanted to carry a much heavier load, I could braid or intertwine those three strands of string into one rope. Isn’t it interesting that three intertwined strands are able to support a much heavier load than three separate strands? This is primarily due to the added support that intertwined strands garner from each other in the weight bearing process.

Over the last several years, the social, academic, and personal demands placed on our students have surely increased. It is amazing how much better those demands are met as students, parents, and educators collaboratively unite efforts to lift this heavier load. Much like the yarn, we are stronger as we work together to support student learning.

This year, students are working harder than ever to improve their learning with the new FLEX program. During FLEX time, students receiver immediate help with concepts they may not have understood completely the first time. You can see it in their faces when they light up from understanding. Their self-esteem has improved and they are more eager to learn because they experience success. It has worked so well that some students are asking their teacher to be re-taught during FLEX because they like how it makes them feel to have the extra help and not get behind in any given subject.

You may or may not know about another of this year’s great successes. At Bonneville, some of our wonderful parents and patrons come to be literacy aides and read with our students needing additional reading support. This is largely due to the efforts of our Americore representative, Kenice Whitaker, and the local church members who have taken time out of their busy schedules to help students feel reading success. Their efforts are paying off and students are reading at much higher levels than ever before.

Finally, we are so lucky to have nurturing and competent teachers and staff that work tirelessly to meet the needs of each child. As students, parents, and educators work together, just as intertwined strands on a rope, we can do amazing things. Let us all continue to pull together for the benefit of children at Bonneville Elementary.

November 2012

By Principal's Message

November is a perfect opportunity for me to express gratitude for the many people whose hard work and generous contributions make Bonneville Elementary such a great place.

We are so fortunate to have such an incredible staff…thank you for the hard work and steadfast dedication to helping all students succeed.

To our wonderful parents…we so appreciate your support and partnership…it make a BIG difference for your own child(ren) and for our whole school community.

WOW…our amazing students…we are so grateful that you work hard each day, taking risks, challenging yourselves, expanding your hearts and minds…and thank you also for being our best teachers; we learn something new from you every day…and that makes us better teachers.

To our many dedicated volunteers…a mere thank you is not adequate appreciation for all your hard work…your amazing contributions (big and small) continue to inspire us and help us go above and beyond in our efforts to help all students succeed.

To our hardworking PTA…thank you to this incredible group for their many efforts to support our school and to provide fun, family-centered activities for our students and families.

To our dedicated School Community Council…thank you to this group for helping to make decisions that allow Bonneville to be a safe school for children.

I am THANKFUL to be here and to be a part of this extraordinary place we call Bonneville. I hope you too take time to look around and see just how much we have to be grateful for here at our school. Perhaps you can take a moment to share your thoughts with us. Have a wonderful month!


Mr. Shawn Brooks



Stakeholder’s Report

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