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October 2016

Literacy Night – Camp Read-a-Lot

By Announcements

Thursday, November 3rd from 6-7pm.  Come to a fun night at the school and hang out with your family and favorite teachers.  We are doing a “Book Swap” for parents and kids, so bring some old books to trade.  (If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we will have extras)

Thank You for Your Support

By Principal's Message

We would like to express our appreciation for your participation in our “Run for Our Playground” fun run fundraiser on Oct. 8th.  It was a great success!!  We were able to raise $12,600!  With your help and the support of our school district, we raised enough funds to purchase and install two of the three playground pieces for our school.  The order of these 2 “Big Toy” pieces will take 6-8 weeks to arrive and if the ground is not frozen, 4-5 days to install.  As you can imagine, the students are so excited to have a new playground and to have safe equipment for recess.  Thank you again for your donations with his year’s fundraiser.