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December 2013


By Principal's Message

December 9, 2013

Dear Bonneville Parents,

As a school, we have had some concerns with the number of students coming to school late, leaving early, or leaving in the middle of the school day.   As you may already know, the teachers have a new and challenging curriculum to teach students this year and there is increased accountability placed on them to prepare students for the new state testing this spring.  We understand that there may be an occasional dental or doctor’s appointment that needs to be made during the school day.  However, we would appreciate your help in reducing the number of absences from class.  Please help us to prepare your student by making sure your child is here at school everyday, the entire day.

Attendance is critical to student success and graduation achievement.  One study completed by the University of Chicago (2010), indicated that students who miss 0-4 days of school have an 87% chance of graduating on time from high school.  Students who missed 5-9 days of school have an on time graduation rate of 63%.  Students who are chronically absent (more than 9 times per year) have less than a 41% chance of on time graduation!  It is important to recognize that the habits of attendance formed early in elementary school are very often continued through Jr. High and High School.  We want to curb any attendance habits early that can limit the future life opportunities for students.

Additionally, checking a student out of class once the class has started is not only disruptive to your child’s learning, but also interrupts the learning of the entire class.  Please do not take your student out of class unless there is no other option.

Bonneville teachers are committed to helping every child succeed with their academic studies.  We appreciate your help and support in this process and respect you (the parent) as our partner in helping your child to succeed.  By helping children to be in school and limiting the time that they miss from instruction, we can have a real impact on student growth this year and their future.

Thank you for your support.  We have a great school and very supportive parents that help us to accomplish great things.


Shawn Signature

Principal, Bonneville Elementary

Christmas Break

By Announcements

The last day of school before Christmas Break is Friday, Dec 20.  School begins again on Monday, Jan 6. We hope you all enjoy your time off.