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September 2013

Courage to Care Seminar

By Announcements

A seminar on keeping our youth safe.  Topics covered include:  substance abuse, bullying, substance abuse, and internet safety.

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By Announcements
Button Text Rescheduled for Monday, October 7, our school will host the fourth annual Bonneville  “Bronco Stampede” 3K Fun Run/Walk.  Students will be asking parents, grandparents, and friends of the family to sponsor them with money donations to help our school.  We are asking that each student donate at least $15.00 to the school.  Unlike other fundraiser activities, 100% of the donations collected will go directly to the students at Bonneville this year. The donations raised from the Fun Run will go to help pay for quality educational programs, reading rewards, field trips/ buses and other school needs for students. We are particularly working on purchasing classroom reading books and finishing the library bookshelves that we started two years ago.

tshirt2013This year, our school theme is, “Aim Higher!” We encourage students to wear their    “Aim Higher!” school spirit shirt for race day and to celebrate with the school our focus on attendance and academic achievement.

Students that help raise $15.00 in donations will receive an instant prize for their efforts and be entered into a raffle for bigger prizes in an assembly on the afternoon of the fun run.  For every $10.00 after the initial $15.00, students will receive raffle tickets for the bigger prizes raffled at the assembly.  This is a way to reward students for their hard work to help Bonneville Elementary.

Thank you for helping Bonneville Elementary prepare for our Fun Run.  Together we can accomplish great things for the students at Bonneville Elementary!


Shawn Brooks – Principal, Bonneville Elementary


School Report

By Principal's Message

shutterstock_I love educationBonneville’s REPORT CARD    –    September 3, 2013

Bonneville is a great place to be.  We have outstanding teachers, students and parents.  Today the grade of each school in the state was reported publicly.  I want to give you some information to help you understand the grading system.

We get points for Achievement and for Growth.  Achievement is based on number of students that are proficient on the State Tests.  Growth is based on improved scores within a statewide cohort of scores calculated over time. It is a complex calculation.

We scored 236/300 in Achievement Points.  This is 79%. This is good, but we will continue to improve this score. We scored 187/300 in Growth Points.  This is 62%.  We need to work on this! Our combined score or “School Performance” score was 425/600.  This is 71%.  In Alpine School District 11 elementary schools were graded A, 48 schools were graded B, 16 schools were graded C or below.  Bonneville was given the grade of “B”.

What are our plans for improvement and to AIM HIGHER?  We are focusing on the three A’s: Achievement, Attendance and Attachment.


This year we are implementing “Step Up” Time.  “Step Up” Time will be an improvement to last year’s “Flex Time”.  “Step-Up” time is solely academic improvement time and will help students to focus on their academic needs. For 30 minutes four days a week, students will be moved to smaller groups with extra help for re-teaching, reviewing or reinforcing key concepts in our core curriculum.  This will happen during school time.  It is funded with our Fun Run Fundraiser and District Double Dosing matching money.  During “Step Up” Time, students that have mastered the key concepts will be taught academic extensions and more advanced concepts.

We will still have extra reading tutoring that will go beyond the “Step Up “ Time.  Weekly, during Monday Teacher Collaboration, teachers will be reviewing the progress of each student and making a plan to meet their individual needs. We will also have our wonderful Americorp. tutors from our neighborhood volunteers that will continue to help students that require additional support with reading skills.

Finally, we have a new English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, Mrs. Clement, that will be working with our second language learners and assisting them with the skills that they need to have success at school and in life.


In an effort to improve student’s academic achievement, the school is working to motivate students to be at school and on time everyday.  You may have noticed posters by each classroom entitled, “Supersonic Club”.  All classrooms are in competition to be at school on time everyday.  Classes that can show 80%-100% attendance during each trimester will receive a class party.  Additionally, classroom chairs are numbered and during morning announcements, numbers are called to reward, with a prize, students that are in their seats and on time to school.  This incentive program is one of Bonneville’s interventions to help students want to be at school and ready to learn everyday.


At Bonneville, we are encouraging attachment for each child by providing consistent support and care.  Every child needs to feel safe, to be loved, to be respected, and to be given a sense of belonging to a class and a school culture that enriches their growing experience.  All of the adults in the building are here to support every child and we have created different experiences that help children to develop their talents and areas of interest.

Bonneville continues to have many opportunities as part of “BONNEVILLE’S- EDUCATION ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES.”  We believe that opportunities in art, P.E. and technology also increase brainpower and this leads to expanded skills in the academic subjects.  Some of our “BONNEVILLE – EDUCATION ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITY programs include “Drums Alive” with Mrs. Childs (NEW), School Choir, Battle of the Books (NEW), Keyboarding (NEW), Student Council, the Science Fair, the Annual Art Show, Hope of America, American Citizenship Awards, and the Great Brain Challenge just to name a few.  These opportunities will be happening this year and we encourage all students to become involved.  Of course, we want to expand to have more opportunities for students, if we can get some business partners through our PTA. Watch for more information coming on this later.

I love Bonneville and appreciate everyone that supports us.  Students are taught, at Bonneville, with love by our wonderful teachers. Thank you for your help and support as we go forward to “Aim Higher” this year.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns,

Sincerely, Shawn Brooks

[email protected]