April 2013

By March 29, 2013Principal's Message

Dear Bonneville Parents,

Here we are in the month of April and although the weather is still cooler than we like; warmer weather is sure to come. With the warmer weather, students will be happy to ride bikes and scooters to school very soon. The nicer weather will also provide a welcomed opportunity to shed the coat, stocking cap, and gloves and to put on warmer weather clothing. Below is a short review of school rules regarding bikes, scooters, skateboard, roller blades, and appropriate dress for the sunny days ahead. Please review these expectations with your student(s) and let us know if you have any questions. Enjoy the good weather to come!


  Children may ride bicycles and scooters to school. Bikes and scooters must be placed in the bike racks located on the west and east side of the school. The school cannot be responsible for bike security. We suggest that students lock their bikes and scooters to prevent theft. Scooters are considered the same as bicycles and must not be brought in the building. Bikes and scooters are NOT to be ridden on school grounds before, during, or right after school. Skateboards and roller blades are not allowed at school.


     Children should arrive at school appropriately dressed for the weather of the day. All healthy children are expected to go outside for recess except when weather conditions are extreme. If you desire that your child be allowed to stay inside at recess due to illness, please inform the teacher of your request in a note.

Alpine School District Dress Guidelines:

  1. All children should dress modestly, and appropriate for the weather.
  2. No short-shorts or biker shorts. Knee shorts are O.K.
  3. “Grubby” clothing or clothing containing vulgarities, profanities, obscenities, or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are never acceptable. Clothing which is ragged, tattered, or deliberately distracting in appearance must be avoided.
  4. Hats or other headgear should not be worn indoors.
  5. Tank tops or bare midriff shirts or blouses are unacceptable.

Thank you for your support for the school rules. Parent support makes all of the difference.



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