March 2013

By March 1, 2013Principal's Message

Student Placements 2013-2014

One of life’s challenges is learning to live with change and to develop the capacity to adjust to new situations. Parents can teach children a valuable lesson as they adjust and react in an acceptable way to new teacher assignments each school year. In fact, your child’s contact with a variety of teachers may prove to be an important life skill learned during their developing years. Remember, children are extremely resilient and have an uncanny ability to be comfortable in most classroom situations.

At Bonneville, our goal is to create academically and socially balanced classes and to avoid groupings that distract from the learning process. Research indicates that creating heterogeneous groups of students provides optimal learning opportunities for all students. Please review the following student placement timeline.

March 8th

  • A letter explaining the process of student placement for next year will be included with your student’s report card.
  • Time change request forms (Early Bird/Later Gator) will be available in the office. (*You do not need a form to stay at the same time.)
  • All time change requests must be made on a “Time Change” form.
  • Other requests for special placement must be made in a letter to the principal

March 29th

  • All student placement and time change requests are due.

April 22-26

  • Teachers will review & submit recommendations and/or concerns for student placements for next year (2013-2014).

May 1-24

  • Final adjustments to the assigned classes will be made by grade level teams and the principal.

May 30

  • Student class assignments will be sent home with each student for the 2013-2014 school year.

I hope that this will help parents understand the process of student placements at Bonneville Elementary. Please contact the front office if you have any questions regarding 2013-2014 class assignments.


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