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January 2013

By January 30, 2013Principal's Message

“Pulling Together” at Bonneville

During the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, an Australian rower was heavily criticized
by the media after she stopped rowing for the last 650 meters of the coxswain eight
finals race. In that same Olympics, several marathon runners dropped out of the race
without anyone really blinking an eye. Why did the media respond so differently to
the same action?… Likely because rowing is a team sport and marathon running is an
individual sport. While a marathon runner’s decision to drop out of a race does impact
his or her own personal chances at winning a medal, it does not have any influence
over the chance that teammates have to earn a medal. In contrast, this rower’s decision
to quit made it nearly impossible for her teammates to have any chance of earning a
medal. Both sets of athletes were working toward a lofty and worthy goal; however, the
team of rowers was unique in that each individual was mutually dependent on her
teammates if the goal was to be reached.

This year at Bonneville, our school theme has been, “Pulling Together”. There are
several essential members to our educational team that work together to win the race
for each student. We hope you know that you are an essential member of the team and
we value your efforts. While raising and educating a child from kindergarten through
college can sometimes feel like a marathon, it is really more similar to a team sport like
rowing. Following a few guiding principles of teamwork in this new year will help our
team continue to be successful. Great teams:

• Pull toward the same goal. Our goal at Bonneville Elementary is to ensure high levels
of well—rounded learning for every child everyday.

• Are clear about how they are going to achieve that goal. Teachers frequently
communicate learning objectives to students and parents. Teachers listen to student
and parent feedback to best meet individual needs.

• Frequently measure and communicate progress toward the goal. Teachers frequently
communicate with students and parents about student progress. Students and parents
are open with school when there is a question or concern so that the school can help
children meet their educational goals.

• Support each other when one member of the team is struggling. Teachers, parents,
and students are aware of each others’ needs and seek to support and help as needed.

I am thrilled to be part of the Bonneville Elementary team and truly feel like we are all
pulling together. If there is every anything that I can do, as part of the team, to support
you and your child, please let me know.

Let’s continue to make educating your child a team sport this year, and not an individual
marathon. Thank you for being on our team!