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November 2012

By October 5, 2012Principal's Message

November is a perfect opportunity for me to express gratitude for the many people whose hard work and generous contributions make Bonneville Elementary such a great place.

We are so fortunate to have such an incredible staff…thank you for the hard work and steadfast dedication to helping all students succeed.

To our wonderful parents…we so appreciate your support and partnership…it make a BIG difference for your own child(ren) and for our whole school community.

WOW…our amazing students…we are so grateful that you work hard each day, taking risks, challenging yourselves, expanding your hearts and minds…and thank you also for being our best teachers; we learn something new from you every day…and that makes us better teachers.

To our many dedicated volunteers…a mere thank you is not adequate appreciation for all your hard work…your amazing contributions (big and small) continue to inspire us and help us go above and beyond in our efforts to help all students succeed.

To our hardworking PTA…thank you to this incredible group for their many efforts to support our school and to provide fun, family-centered activities for our students and families.

To our dedicated School Community Council…thank you to this group for helping to make decisions that allow Bonneville to be a safe school for children.

I am THANKFUL to be here and to be a part of this extraordinary place we call Bonneville. I hope you too take time to look around and see just how much we have to be grateful for here at our school. Perhaps you can take a moment to share your thoughts with us. Have a wonderful month!


Mr. Shawn Brooks



Stakeholder’s Report

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