April 2012

By April 3, 2012Principal's Message

During the month of March, our school announced and implementing the “Spring into Action Bullying Prevention Program” to help students to focus on making good choices and to take a stand against bullying behaviors. It has been a very positive experience for the students and we will continue to run the program during the month of April.

For the month of April, the new theme will be, “Shower others with Kindness.” Students will be encouraged to spend tiem during the school day being kind to teachers and students. Teachers and staff will be watching and catch students being kind to others. Then, teachers will write the student’s name, along with the kind deed, on a paper umbrella to be displayed in the front windows of the school. All students will be able to read about what their classmates are doing to help our school be “bully-free.”

Students will also be able to suggest unique ways to be kind to classmates and teachers. These suggestions can be written can be written on paper raindrops and placed in a small rain barrel by the office. Mr. Brooks will select a couple of raindrops a day to read on morning announcements. It is our hope that by having students come up with ways to be kind and by being caught being kind, we will see an increase in attention to kindness to others and see less bullying.

As a suggestion, we would appreciate parents taking time to talk with their child about the new theme for April and even challenging them to do one kind act of service each day at school. Your child could even report back to you at dinnertime about what they did each day. As we work together, we can help Bonneville to be an even better place for students.

Thank you for your help.


Mr. Shawn Brooks


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