February 2012

By February 8, 2012Principal's Message

As spring approaches, we all need to be reminded of appropriate dress attire for school. Please review the Alpine School District Dress Guidelines.

  1. All children should dress modestly, and appropriate for the weather.
  2. No short-shorts or biker shorts. Knee shorts are o.k.
  3. “Grubby” clothing or clothing containing vulgarities, profanities, obscenities or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs are never acceptable. Clothing which is ragged, tattered or deliberately distracting in appearance must be avoided.
  4. Hats or other headgear should not be worn indoors.
  5. Tank Tops or bare midriff shirts or blouses are unacceptable.
Thank you for supporting the district dress guidelines at Bonneville.
Mr. Brooks
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