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October 2011

October 2011

By Principal's Message

It is already October and the fall season with its changing weather and colors is settling over our valley.  Students are situated in their classrooms, they are becoming comfortable with learning routines and schedules, and teachers are vigorously preparing lessons and teaching the Utah State Core Curriculum. While things are humming along nicely in the classrooms, I wish to again encourage all parents to become involved with their child’s education.  Perhaps, you are already a member of P.T.A. or you volunteer in your child’s classroom.  Maybe, you are a room mother and are able to donate a little time to assist your student’s teacher with classroom parties and class work.  Whatever your availability, we need you here at Bonneville Elementary.  We welcome each of you and encourage you to come and help us to make Bonneville a great place for learning.  There are some particular needs we have and I would like to tell you about some of these opportunities to get involved here at Bonneville.

Ways to be Involved at Bonneville

  1. Teacher Aides: Not a day goes by that I don’t have a teacher asking for additional classroom assistance with students.  You are probably aware that some of our classes are quite large and an extra hand from a mom or dad is appreciated.  Please contact your teacher personally and ask if they could use some help in the classroom.  Many parents don’t always have time to donate help at school, but they are available to do things at home to aid a teacher with putting together lesson materials, cutting, or assembling items that will help a child understand a concept more easily.


  1. School Community Council: Our school community council is another way to be involved with your child’s education.  The purpose of the school community council is to:


    • build consistent and effective communication among parents, teachers and administrators
    • allow parents an opportunity to be actively involved with school decision-making and
    • to make good schools great


Currently, we meet once every other month through the school year.  If you are interested in collaborating with      teachers, the principal and other parents, please give me a call at the school.  I will give you a calendar of our meeting dates and times and invite you to come help build our school.  We need your input and voice concerning important issues that affect our students and school.

  1. P.T.A.: Finally, our school P.T.A. is a very good place to donate your time and energies to benefit students here at Bonneville.  Our P.T.A. is one of the best and contributes in areas such as safety and welfare, health, education, individual development, family life, community involvement, public relations, and student involvement.  There are opportunities for P.T.A. members to help with Red Ribbon Week, carnivals and fund-raisers, literacy programs, moms and muffins/ dads and donuts, the Reflections contest, hearing and vision screenings, and the list goes on and on.  We couldn’t be a successful school without the fabulous parents who volunteer so much of their time and talents through our school P.T.A. It really is a wonderful way to get involved!


Each of these opportunities is available to each and every parent.  Once again, we need you here at Bonneville.  When we work together great things happen on behalf of children and their education. Remember, Bonneville is a great place because of this community being involved in children’s lives.  Let’s have another great year!  Come get involved!